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$700,000 Inheritance

*Read our article in AARP, Nov/Dec 09*

Each year thousands of Americans have their inheritances stolen by their best friends. And no one is ever warned about the problem due to non-disclosure agreements

until now.

Am I out of my mind? How could this happen? How do I know? It happened to my mom; that's how I found out about all this & why I've written the free ebook in the left margin. The story you can read above is hers.

How is it possible? What's the cause? There are several but mostly it's one thing... The Great Depression.

Today's seniors were born during The Great Depression. Many don't trust banks outside of safe deposit boxes (the recent crisis with banks has served only to confirm their suspicions in their minds). They put their entire life savings in one, often with a friend's name on the box in case something happens to them. While their widow grieves, their "friend" empties the box and steals the inheritance. In short...

While you're grieving, they're thieving.